Soul Restoration Retreat Idaho

What is Soul Restoration and why is it important? 

The Soul Restoration Curriculum was created to help women restore to their original soul; filled with strength, clarity, love and purpose.
Often times we allow the negative thoughts in our head to prevent us from doing the things we are called to do on this earth. Feelings of “not enough” begin to control us as we believe lies that we’ve been told about our worth, keeping us stuck. We stay in our comfort zone in order to protect ourselves from possible ridicule, shame or embarrassment.  Until now…


Because the world needs YOU to be your strongest, healthiest, truest, bravest self. You have special gifts and talents that need to be shared with the world. Before we can fully give of ourselves, we must first fill our own cups and let go of our limiting beliefs.  Come align with your source energy, connect with a tribe of women and stand in your truth! You’ll find yourself feeling more peace, joy and clarity so you can confidently move forward with your goals with a clear plan of action.

You’re reading this for a reason, you have something in side of you that is begging to be seen, heard and validated. Its time to restore to the original you and SHINE.

Calm your mind, body and soul in a relaxing atmosphere. Breathe in the fresh mountain air and let me and my staff take care of you. We unplug from social media, take a break from the daily tasks of work and family life, and focus solely on restoring ourselves. You will be surrounded by a sisterhood of women who will love you unconditionally and support you through your healing process.

By letting go of what no longer serves you, space is created to allow room for your true desires and life purpose. Participants leave camp with a newfound clarity regarding their future path and priorities. You’ll develop skills to protect your peace, create safe boundaries and learn to navigate difficult relationships. When you reclaim your power, you discover that you have control of your happiness in everyday circumstances of life.


Step  into your purpose and focus on your next action steps towards your goals. Whether you just want to feel more confident in your current circumstances or you want to jump into a new adventure, the Soul Restoration curriculum will prepare you to live in your truth. This means that you make decisions based on love and faith instead of fear.



You will be pampered with home cooked meals that are both nutritious and satisfying (including those on special diets if you notify us in advance).


All materials, meals, and housing will be provided for you. Just get yourself there, arrive with an open mind, ready to learn, grow, love and restore. We mix nature, journaling, mindfulness, meditation, sisterhood and art therapy to allow each participant their own personal transformation in a safe supportive environment. You will also learn to set boundaries, to protect your soul, as well as make decisions based on love instead of fear. Each attendee will also receive a welcome gift bag full of fun goodies just for YOU!

Participants of Soul Restoration Retreat will spend 3 full days and 4 nights in the serene mountains of Cascade, Idaho – Less than 2 hours from the Boise, Idaho airport.  The fun begins at 7:00 PM on Wednesday October 5th and will end after breakfast on Sunday October 9th, 2022.  We have some very special events planned for you late into the evening on Saturday so please plan to attend for the full amount of time. If you are flying in, please take this into consideration and book your return flight on Sunday afternoon or Monday.

Space is limited to 8 participants. All options include a $200 non- refundable deposit that is already included in the payment option. Attendees can receive a refund up to 30 days prior to the event. Any cancelations after that point are non-refundable. In the case of emergency cancellations, Tickets ARE transferable.

Pricing and registration Here



Future Events To be Announced.

Please contact me to schedule a private event with your own tribe.





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