Idaho Mountain Retreat

Wow its been a minute since I posted, so many magical things have been going on behind the scenes this month. I feel like each one deserves its own monologue so I”ll just share this one for now.

For about 4 years we’ve been actively looking for the perfect place in the mountains. When I would relax or meditate, I’d envision a place surrounded in pine trees overlooking a lake and watching the sunset from my deck.

It would be a space to create memories with our kids, hiking, sledding, snow shoeing, swimming, kayaking, camp fires, biking, playing games at the table in the evenings. Its crazy to think that in just 6 years, four of our five kids will graduate! I’ve been feeling like time is slipping through my fingers and I want to make every moment count!

I wanted a place where women could come to get away from the noise, un-plug and feel peace. I envision weekend workshops and week-long transformational retreats that allow women to tap into their creativity so they can feel purpose, clarity, joy and connection.

I wanted to provide a space that would allow other local families to create memories with their children. Without having to drive too far from home, yet feeling like they were far removed from all the stresses of day to day life. Hopefully this becomes the preferred family vacation rental!

We finally found it!! When we went to see this place, it felt like HOME. All the pieces came together perfectly and now its officially ours! We even got a lovely welcome from the neighboring deer.

We will be putting in lots of love over the coming weeks to make it a comfortable and inviting space and I look forward to sharing that process with each of you!

What do you look for and love most about the places you’ve stayed in?

What should we name it?

Boise: SoulBook Gathering Experience


About SoulBook:

Are you like me? Do you ever have times when you find you have forgotten who you are are, what you want out of life, and what you are about? Your SoulBook will help on those days…it will be a sort of guidebook for your soul…to use when you are feeling lost…ya know?

I wanted to design a fun, beautiful, quick art journal/book out of simple, inexpensive supplies like cardboard and tape, and THIS is that class. I LOVE IT and can’t wait for you to learn to make your own.

You’ll learn how to gather a whole bunch of this and that and use it to collage onto your pages. Then I’ve written pages and pages of words and sentences for you to choose from and cut out for your pages…things that every Brave Girl heart needs to remember…things that we sometimes forget.

Most important of all is that you bring yourself along so that YOUR SoulBook is uniquely yours. You’ll be walked through every step and given lots and lots of ideas that will guide you through creating your very own beautiful, soul-stirring SoulBook that you will LOVE!

-melody ross


Join Us LIVE: 

Would you like to spend time creating your book among other likeminded women? This workshop creates a safe space among soul sisters to share stories, ideas and friendship. You’ll have 6 total hours of access to all of my crafting supplies (over 2 nights November 16th and December 14th) as well as a complete packet that has more than enough supplies to make a meaningful work of art that will soothe your soul over your lifetime.

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Soul Restoration Retreat Idaho

What is Soul Restoration and why is it important? 

The Soul Restoration Curriculum was created to help women restore to their original soul; filled with strength, clarity, love and purpose.
Often times we allow the negative thoughts in our head to prevent us from doing the things we are called to do on this earth. Feelings of “not enough” begin to control us as we believe lies that we’ve been told about our worth, keeping us stuck. We stay in our comfort zone in order to protect ourselves from possible ridicule, shame or embarrassment.  Until now…


Because the world needs YOU to be your strongest, healthiest, truest, bravest self. You have special gifts and talents that need to be shared with the world. Before we can fully give of ourselves, we must first fill our own cups and let go of our limiting beliefs.  Come align with your source energy, connect with a tribe of women and stand in your truth! You’ll find yourself feeling more peace, joy and clarity so you can confidently move forward with your goals with a clear plan of action.

You’re reading this for a reason, you have something in side of you that is begging to be seen, heard and validated. Its time to restore to the original you and SHINE.

Calm your mind, body and soul in a relaxing atmosphere. Breathe in the fresh mountain air and let me and my staff take care of you. We unplug from social media, take a break from the daily tasks of work and family life, and focus solely on restoring ourselves. You will be surrounded by a sisterhood of women who will love you unconditionally and support you through your healing process.

By letting go of what no longer serves you, space is created to allow room for your true desires and life purpose. Participants leave camp with a newfound clarity regarding their future path and priorities. You’ll develop skills to protect your peace, create safe boundaries and learn to navigate difficult relationships. When you reclaim your power, you discover that you have control of your happiness in everyday circumstances of life.


Step  into your purpose and focus on your next action steps towards your goals. Whether you just want to feel more confident in your current circumstances or you want to jump into a new adventure, the Soul Restoration curriculum will prepare you to live in your truth. This means that you make decisions based on love and faith instead of fear.



You will be pampered with home cooked meals that are both nutritious and satisfying (including those on special diets if you notify us in advance).


All materials, meals, and housing will be provided for you. Just get yourself there, arrive with an open mind, ready to learn, grow, love and restore. We mix nature, journaling, mindfulness, meditation, sisterhood and art therapy to allow each participant their own personal transformation in a safe supportive environment. You will also learn to set boundaries, to protect your soul, as well as make decisions based on love instead of fear. Each attendee will also receive a welcome gift bag full of fun goodies just for YOU!

Participants of Soul Restoration Retreat will spend 3 full days and 4 nights in the serene mountains of Cascade, Idaho – Less than 2 hours from the Boise, Idaho airport.  The fun begins at 7:00 PM on Wednesday October 5th and will end after breakfast on Sunday October 9th, 2022.  We have some very special events planned for you late into the evening on Saturday so please plan to attend for the full amount of time. If you are flying in, please take this into consideration and book your return flight on Sunday afternoon or Monday.

Space is limited to 8 participants. All options include a $200 non- refundable deposit that is already included in the payment option. Attendees can receive a refund up to 30 days prior to the event. Any cancelations after that point are non-refundable. In the case of emergency cancellations, Tickets ARE transferable.

Pricing and registration Here



Future Events To be Announced.

Please contact me to schedule a private event with your own tribe.





My Story Part 2

Looking back on my middle school experience, the incident seems so minuscule compared to some of the trauma and suffering that other people face in their lives. But It damaged me to the core.  The one thing that got me through was a knowledge that God loved me. I had this internal knowing that I was a unique spirit, that before I came to this earth I was someone important. While it was difficult to feel so alone, I knew that I had a purpose on this earth and that I could not leave it. No matter how difficult it was to endure at the present moment.

I had a mental exercise that I would do anytime the stress or anxiety overwhelmed me. I’d imagine myself as an adult in the future, looking back at my current situation. I’d ask myself, “in ten years, will this moment even matter? Will I remember this test? Will I remember this person?” It helped me keep perspective that the trials I was facing were only temporary. I just had to make it through high school.
Those years were mostly a blur. My freshman and sophomore year I hung out with juniors and seniors. We had the largest freshman class to date with over 1200 students. It made it easier to blend into the crowd. I didn’t try out for the volleyball or  the basketball team even though I really wanted to. I secretly hoped the coach would seek me out and invite me.  The damage to my self confidence affected me in all areas. Something that used to be fun was now full of self doubt. “What if I miss a shot? My team will hate me.” I let fear of failure and criticism run my life.  I was just a shell of myself, barely hanging on. To the people outside of school, I tried to act like my usual self even though I was deeply hurting inside.

By the end of my sophomore year, I was encouraged to try out for the track team. Well actually there was no “try out,” everyone made the team. This was something I could handle. It was more of an individual sport so If I made a mistake I wouldn’t have a team of people upset with me, that was my reasoning anyway. During the season, I finally made a few friendships with people my own age.  They also ran x country in the spring of my junior year and so I decided to join them. It was a breath of fresh air to be surrounded by people that were fun, high energy, smart and talented. I only let a few close friends see the real me that was hiding inside. To everyone else, I must have appeared to be stuck-up, not talking to anyone. When in reality I was too afraid to talk to people. I honestly thought if I had said “Hello” to someone in the hall that they would be annoyed by me or I’d scare them away.

I also learned that people had negative feelings toward the overly smart kids or pretty girls. I did my best to not be too noticeable or “shiny.” I didn’t study for tests, I procrastinated on my homework and I wore big baggy clothes and hardly any makeup. I just wanted to slide under the radar. I was pretty good at not drawing any attention to myself. I still managed to get mostly A’s even though I never fully applied myself. Unfortunately, that bad habit continued through my college years too.

Overall, my high school experience wasn’t too terrible but I couldn’t wait to get out of there. I always felt much older than I actually was. Graduation day was one of the happiest days of my life. I remember my cheeks hurting by the end of the day because I had a perma-grin on my face. I had SURVIVED!!

I couldn’t wait to leave home and be on my own. I worked for the last two years of high school and saved up to pay my way through college by myself. This was my time to be me again. I figured there would only be a handful of people that came from my school and for the most party nobody would know me. I could reinvent myself. I could be the person that I wished someone had been for me.  Instead of waiting to be introduced, I could introduce myself to people. Whenever I met people, they rarely remembered my name, I would remember people’s names. I could smile and talk to strangers. I could seek out the people sitting by themselves and invite them to sit with me. I was a collector of friends. I had FUN again. It wasn’t easy. In fact, it was terrifying. But I absolutely loved it! My time there flew by and before I knew it, we were graduating.

To Be Continued….

My Story

I’ve been meaning to write this for years now, knowing that it might help someone who has been in a similar situation, or simply to officially let it go. However, there is a bit of fear and pain involved in the telling of it. Fear that I might shame anyone that was involved or fear that I might be judged because of it, not to mention the pain that is felt in muddling in the past. This is my “old story,” it no longer defines me, but it has taught me a lot of lessons. These lessons can be beneficial for others too as they learn that they are not their past.

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Truth Card Workshop


What is a Truth Card and Why is it important?

imagesOften times, hearing encouraging words that give us hope for a brighter future is exactly what we need to heal. Words that ring true to heal the exact pains and frustrations that we feel.
Throughout our life we hear people talk about us or maybe we make assumptions about ourselves based on an old story. Those negative messages can sometimes run through our head and prevent us from stepping out of our comfort zone or living up to our true potential. Those lies might even have you believing that you are not worthy of love or that you are not enough. Its time to change that.

Truth cards help remind us of what is good and unchangeable within us. It is a daily reminder of what is possible as we continue to grow and evolve. These messages of love are written directly to our souls and help us feel whole again.

Particiimages-1pants who attend a Truth Card workshop will be given all of the printed messages and tools needed to create 3 large and 2 small truth cards. Uplifting music, art supplies and a little time just for you is exactly what your soul needs. Create them for yourself or to share with loved ones. This act of kindness can be life changing!
Spend an evening surrounded by a tribe of women who want to better themselves. No prior art experience is needed. Just show up and everything else will be prepared for you!


Thursday March 31st, 2018

6:00-9:00 PM


Cost $30 



Jack’s Urban Meeting Place

1000 W. Myrtle St.

Boise, ID 83702


Save Me A Seat

For private events (Girls Night, Corporate Team Builder etc.)  Please contact

Cost is  $25  per participant with a 6 person minimum (Includes take home curriculum packet, 5 chipboard cards 2.5  hours access to supplies)

How to Fix a Broken Makeup Compact

Shattered into a million tiny pieces, it feels like your heart but its just your favorite compact. We all know the dreaded feeling of wasted money when you drop a pressed makeup product and it breaks. Well now you don’t have to throw your money away! In just a few easy steps you can restore it.

Here is what you need:

1.) Rubbing Alcohol, Witch Hazel or Rose Water

2.) Spoon or flat cup for pressing

3.) plastic wrap, wax paper or sandwich bag

Watch it happen here

You know how loose mineral makeup can sometimes be messy and cakey? I’ll let you in on a little secret about the best mineral foundation I’ve ever tried. I’m a makeup snob, I’ve tried it all, trust me you will fall in love. It goes on easy like a pressed powder but is full of pigment so your flaws and uneven skin tone just buff away. And guess what? You’ll also enjoy natural protection from the sun! Message me if you need a color match or go ahead and check out the shades here.

Want flawless looking skin instantly?

Brave and Beautiful Club 208-461-2426img_3739

Want to say goodbye to un-sightly spider veins and blemishes on your body? This body bronzer makes your skin look flawless in just seconds!  No need to wear nylons or hide under pants. If you had red splotchy bumps on your arms, they will visually disappear in instantly.  Its easy to apply, doesn’t transfer to your clothes and is easy to remove with soap and water. Get yours here

Because I love a good before and after project

I realized most of my work was done at the kitchen table, couch or on the go because I didn’t have a clean tidy space to call my own. My husband, who also works from home, had our home office. It also became the dumping ground for all things that didn’t have a home. I had been wanting to create more videos and content for my fans but didn’t feel like I had a proper creative space to do those things let alone a place for my customers to visit when I did consultations. So, I decided to kick my husband out and give this room a makeover.

img_3509Brave and Beautiful Club 208-461-2426

I wanted it to be inviting, inspiring and functional and I think it came together nicely. The couch offers a great place for my clients to sit during a consultations and also turns into a comfortable queen bed. This room can also double as a guest room . I moved my desk in front of the window so I have beautiful lighting for my videos. Its now a place I look forward to going into. My creativity always improves when I’m in a space I love.

A good majority of the items were things I already owned that I repurposed by spray painting  to fit my color scheme. The pot and twigs in the corner used to be a dark brown, the gold table to the right of the couch was a plastic lime green ikea table from our play room. The quotes and pictures on the wall came from Hobby Lobby during a 40% off event. (never pay full price for anything there, always use a coupon code or wait a week for it to go on sale)

I hope this inspires you to make your space something that brings you joy.