Truth Card Workshop


What is a Truth Card and Why is it important?

imagesOften times, hearing encouraging words that give us hope for a brighter future is exactly what we need to heal. Words that ring true to heal the exact pains and frustrations that we feel.
Throughout our life we hear people talk about us or maybe we make assumptions about ourselves based on an old story. Those negative messages can sometimes run through our head and prevent us from stepping out of our comfort zone or living up to our true potential. Those lies might even have you believing that you are not worthy of love or that you are not enough. Its time to change that.

Truth cards help remind us of what is good and unchangeable within us. It is a daily reminder of what is possible as we continue to grow and evolve. These messages of love are written directly to our souls and help us feel whole again.

Particiimages-1pants who attend a Truth Card workshop will be given all of the printed messages and tools needed to create 4 large and 4 small truth cards. Uplifting music, art supplies and a little time just for you is exactly what your soul needs. Create them for yourself or to share with loved ones. This act of kindness can be life changing!
Spend an evening surrounded by a tribe of women who want to better themselves. No prior art experience is needed. Just show up and everything else will be prepared for you! Water and snacks will be provided, feel free to BYOB.


Thursday November 16th, 2017

Deluxe Session $25 (Includes take home curriculum packet, 3 large and 3 small chipboards, 3 hours access to supplies)
6:00 PM – 9:00 PM MDT

Trial Session $5 (Includes, 1 chipboard card and 1 hour access to craft supplies)
7:o0 PM – 8:00 PM

SoulBook Experience (Includes complete packet, cardboard pages to make your own book, clip art, art paper, 6 hours access to supplies over 2 nights of your choice)


Fletcher Farms Party Barn

20325 Franklin Blvd

Nampa, Idaho 83687


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