Idaho Mountain Retreat

Wow its been a minute since I posted, so many magical things have been going on behind the scenes this month. I feel like each one deserves its own monologue so I”ll just share this one for now.

For about 4 years we’ve been actively looking for the perfect place in the mountains. When I would relax or meditate, I’d envision a place surrounded in pine trees overlooking a lake and watching the sunset from my deck.

It would be a space to create memories with our kids, hiking, sledding, snow shoeing, swimming, kayaking, camp fires, biking, playing games at the table in the evenings. Its crazy to think that in just 6 years, four of our five kids will graduate! I’ve been feeling like time is slipping through my fingers and I want to make every moment count!

I wanted a place where women could come to get away from the noise, un-plug and feel peace. I envision weekend workshops and week-long transformational retreats that allow women to tap into their creativity so they can feel purpose, clarity, joy and connection.

I wanted to provide a space that would allow other local families to create memories with their children. Without having to drive too far from home, yet feeling like they were far removed from all the stresses of day to day life. Hopefully this becomes the preferred family vacation rental!

We finally found it!! When we went to see this place, it felt like HOME. All the pieces came together perfectly and now its officially ours! We even got a lovely welcome from the neighboring deer.

We will be putting in lots of love over the coming weeks to make it a comfortable and inviting space and I look forward to sharing that process with each of you!

What do you look for and love most about the places you’ve stayed in?

What should we name it?